The Peter Mac Cancer Pain Conference 2019

Saturday 9 February 2019

Featuring talks from leading pain specialists, oncologists, and palliative care specialists,
with a focus on collaborative cancer-pain management and interventional treatment options.

TICKETING CLOSES 5pm Thursday 24 January

Welcome to the Peter Mac Cancer Pain Conference 2019.  We plan to deliver for you a day of interest and education on a fascinating topic. 

Cancer pain remains a prevalent problem and yet an under-researched and under-funded topic.  Cancer pain management itself is due to be further complicated by the highlighting of opioid prescription and the effects of opioids in the community.  It is our belief at Peter Mac that collaborative working from all the different specialty areas is vital for the topic and as a result for the patient at a time of great difficulty.

Our program reflects many of the stakeholders involved in the management of cancer pain and ends with insights from specialists who have undertaken training in multiple areas.  There are breakout sessions with your choice of an acute pain focus or a palliative care focus and plenty of time to meet leaders in our field. 

We welcome you to the still new Peter MacCallum Cancer centre and thank our sponsors for their invaluable assistance.